Announcement of HotPotato Presale

Specific Presale Process:

14:00 UTC on Mar 22, 2021

  • You could purchase in presale only when you are on our whitelist.
  • Maximum of 160 addresses can participate in the presale, including users who have been confirmed to have participated in the previous period. Please participate within the specified time.
  • Please invest in BNB within the quantity you apply for in Google form. And the purchase limit of each address is 5–100 BNB.
  • While we trust all participants’ good intentions and honesty, we reserve the right to remove rule violators from the presale.
  • Total circulation: Holding addresses*100 (the token amount is changing according to holding addresses)
  • Initial token amount: 160*100=16,000(the final token amount will be ensured based on the actual number of investors in the presale)
  • Initial liquidity pool= Fundraising BNB: 40% of the total tokens, locked in liquidity pool for half-year
  • Burning rate: 3%
  • 0.5% for the team
  • 2.5% for reward pools:



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