Announcement: HotPotato presale is postponed

Dear HPer,

To ensure investors’ asset security and smoothness of presale purchase, HotPotato team is repeatedly examining the stability of our system. For that reason:

The commencing of presale is postponed.

This postponement is due to two important reasons:

First, to ensure the fundraised ETH can provide long-term liquidity, HotPotato team is still examining the technological details of time lock and developing relevant contracts. Second, due to we are updating the design of our stable coin at the same time, we need time and energy to adjust current contract code.

We appreciate the massive amount of enthusiasm around our project right now, and we are so excited to deliver the product that our community deserves. From our inception, however, HotPotato has sought to ensure that our network takes the necessary precautions to deliver its products safely, for the sake of our customers and our technology. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.

The participation in Twitter and Telegram promotion for whitelist is still valid. We will announce the final list before presale. In addition, users who still want to win whitelist could pre-register by filling in the following form and answering screening questions here:

A new presale date will be announced soon. Please stay tuned.

About HotPotato

HP (Hot Potato) is a malleable base-money. It coexists with the community and adjusts its supply based on the number of effective holding addresses. There is no arbitrary issuance of hot potato tokens, nor a cap on the total amount in HotPotato. It’s up to the community to decide. HotPotato is a representative of innovative “rebase+FOMO” mechanisms.

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